Maria Vittoria Perissinotto – Founder of Agency


After graduating from Hospitality Business at Glion Institute of Higher Education – Maria Vittoria decides there is no time to lose. She got to experience the many nuances that the hotellerie world can encompass at first hand, thanks to her family’s experience and made her passions – music, design and fashion – the ingredients of her personal recipe.

And it is this perfect blend of clubbing, fashion, design and art that inspires A new event concept that makes networking opportunities and the chance to experience new realities its unique strength.

Matteo Minuto – Partner of Agency

Matteo began working in the risk management industry, first in London, then in Italy, where he became involved with the most sophisticated clubbing cultures of today.
He became passionate about the world of vinyls, clubbing and hospitality, which combined with his skills, allowed him to seize all the opportunities he met along the way. Matteo is the Co-founder of, now in charge of the business strategies of the agency.

Giovanni Corder – Social Media Director

Giovanni, after his bachelor degree in Digital Marketing, has not wasted time to take the opportunity to launch himself in the new project of Agency, trying to make explicit the pillars in which the Agency believes. He is always trying  to find a different way of doing things seeking beauty.