Music is one of the creative senses of human beings and for this reason it is universal.
Music surprises, reassures, intrigues, excites, but above all it unites,
and being a container of emotions it perfectly represents what Now.Here is.

We love music too much not to be part of our everyday’s life, for this reason we are launching Now.Here Radio,
a space where deejays can record their gigs an above all an agency
who permits to have an agency that allows artists to have their space and the right recognition.
If you want to be part of it, please write us and we would be happy to listen to your records.


Every month you will find on You Tube at NOW.HERE RADIO a DJ-set that no one has ever listened
before. DJs from all italy, vinyl records, tracks to remember and the right sounds.
This is what you will find in LIVE GIGGIN’


A record a day keep the doctor away
Two times a week NOW.HERE RADIO will drop a music pill.
1 Minute of 1 exclusive vinyl, to listen and
discover some crazy tracks

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