NOW.HERE is an inclusive and visionary reality of people who believe in a veritable lifestyle. We are a
catalyzer of cultural dialogue, our aim is to bring together four different shades of the same side of
the moon: music, fashion, art and sustainability.

We create new experiences in various special locations around the world, introducing elements in
our events that can be appreciated with all 5 senses.
All this combined with nature and not at its expense.



We need to embrace change as a collective, while not forgetting to nourish our roots: our planet and the spieces
that inhabit it.
We all come from the same place. Let’s rave for a cause.


Music is one of the creative senses of human beings and for this reason it is universal.
Music surprises, reassures, intrigues, excites, but above all it unites, and being a container of emotions it
perfectly represents what NOW.HERE is.


Art is the creative expression par excellence, any creative work can be defined as art even if only to the eyes of its creator.
This is what NOW.HERE looks for, identifying any form of art, and making it part of what NOW.HERE is, and wants to create.


Fashion is a symbol of aesthetics, flair and creativity, in NOW.HERE it stands as a showcase of beauty
but also as a symbol of freedom, expression and diversity.
NOW.HERE is made from these values and the will to contain the beauty of human dreams.
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